Team Building Blueprint

Restructure your business to get to your first 100K in the next 12-18 months.

Team Building Blueprint

Restructure your business to get to your first 100K in the next 12-18 months.

Are you an experienced organizer ready for consistent income and a team you can trust?

"I could have probably gotten to where I am without Holly, but it would have been much longer, harder, and much more painful. Holly was instrumental in me moving my business from just getting by to a consistent, sustainable business." - Lynda Grodd

You are here at this stage in your business because you're a GREAT organizer.

You got started because you're a problem solver, helper, and love to transform spaces... now if you could just make a decent living doing it!

You're bringing in $2000-$3000 and know there is more... You don't want to get a part time gig but sometimes wonder if you should.

It feels like two steps forward and one step backwards and that can feel confusing.

Even though you've been in business for 2+ years, you feel confused by the results you're getting. Some months go gangbusters and others sound like crickets.

You start wondering, "Is my website is even working?"

You land a huge project that feels amazing and bring on help and love the energy you feel working with an assistant. The only problem is, you're not sure how to get more work like that... much less, how to sustain it.

You want to bring on a regular assistant, but you don't want to guarantee hours to someone else you're not sure you can provide. You feel like you need help but don't have enough work to keep someone else busy too.

You would love to feel ready to hire a regular helper or even better, another lead organizer who could take jobs without you. That would free you up to spend time with your family, take vacations without worrying about money, work on your own home projects, and give you space to rest when your body is exhausted.

You tried hiring before in a pinch and that only got you through a few projects and you felt like you were flying by the seat of your pants in need of a better system.

You see other organizers hitting 10K milestones and wonder,

"What am I doing wrong?"

...and sometimes if you're honest, despite all you've poured into this... you think about burning it all to the ground. But you love it. You don't actually want to give up. You just feel like it sometimes.

All you want now is...


  • to have steady work consistently, booked out 6 weeks with people willing to wait for you 


  • to leave a lead organizer and team members work on their own without you being there to babysit the whole time


  • to have multiple teammates plus a handyman as your crew so you can do big jobs fast, and multiple jobs


  • to have an admin to do the scheduling so you don't have to be in the weeds of the back-and-forth with clients and team


  • to hire regular help with social media and newsletters so you aren't stuck behind a computer all day

Get your PO business running smoothly, rather than running yourself into the ground.

Whether you're already working with subcontractors, have your first couple of employees, or plan to hire within the next 3-6 months, Team Building Blueprint gives you the strategies, clarity and systems to set you and your team up for success with ease so you won't be left worrying that you are missing a step.

"Holly is the organizer for the organizer who intuitively cuts through the clutter of my business to help me move forward."

Monique Horb, Organizing Your Chaos

Hear it from the Rockstars...

Testimonials + ROI (Workshop Instagram Post (Portrait)) (1)
Testimonials + ROI (Workshop Instagram Post (Portrait)) (4)
Testimonials + ROI (Workshop Instagram Post (Portrait)) (5)
Testimonials + ROI (Workshop Instagram Post (Portrait)) (6)

Hear it from the Rockstars...

Testimonials + ROI (7)
Testimonials + ROI (8)
Testimonials + ROI (9)
Testimonials + ROI (13)
Testimonials + ROI (6)

Ready to be booked out and multiply your income?

jd ash

Ready to be booked out and multiply your income?

jd ash

Hi, I'm Holly. My mission is to take the confusion and stress out of building & running your professional organizing business and team.

You can eliminate the guesswork, trial and error, and costly mistakes by working with someone who has been where you are. Gain the best possible, complete, truth-based information you need to know about building and managing a team, so you can confidently make well-informed decisions and move forward, not backward. It's comforting to hear from someone else about their experiences because you don't know what you don't know.

Having grown two 6-figure home organizing businesses from scratch, across the country from each other, you might say I've seen and tried it all. I have made every mistake in the book, sometimes once and sometimes 3 times before learning a better way.

The painful realities of business ownership are not lost on me, and I can never forget the humbling difficulties of:

  • learning to charge premium rates and get past self-sabotaging behaviors with money and sales
  • dealing with same-day cancellations when I really needed the money
  • having team members who seemed trustworthy turn around and flake out

I have grown from charging $15/hr as a beginner to averaging $4-$12K per client, without spending much money or time on marketing. It sounds impossible or like a pipe dream, but I will show you how. You can learn this system and adopt an easier way.

Once you understand the joys of selling $3K, $5K, and $10K packages, you'll understand why I'm so eager to come alongside you and teach you how all this works. Having traveled the country attending high level business training and masterminds, I've narrowed it down into a super supportive, ongoing year round program to bring you the best of class in training to re-structure your business for success with a team.

You will experience new knowledge and solutions to your problems that would have taken you years to learn by experimentation. This blueprint is your solution to scaling a home organizing business that you love, no matter your niche.

In this program you will join other organizers around the world who are in the same boat as you. Through teaching and coaching, masterminding and collaboration, resources and guided education, you will no longer feel alone or clueless about what to do next.

What You Get

when you join Team Building Blueprint




Avoid the headaches and time to figure it all out on your own. Learn how to easily make $5-10K months + beyond

Get the resources, tools, coaching and support so you set the right foundation, systems and team in place to ensure your professional organizing business thrives beyond what you thought was possible!

With my help, here's what you will accomplish...


Increase Your Rates
& Profits Per Client

Create irresistible, value-loaded packages that take you from charging hourly for one-off sessions to confidently selling premium packages that make clients feel like you are worth every penny - regardless of the dollar amount.

Specialize to Attract Better Clients

Position yourself by openly displaying your packages with features & benefits geared toward your ideal client, showing so clearly how you ease their lives that they cannot imagine working with anyone else. Learn how to demonstrate yourself as the go-to organizer for your niche, rather than feeling like your city's best kept secret.

Hire & Build a Team You Can Trust

Stop feeling like you are the only one in your business who knows how to do everything & start attracting high-quality, capable, passionate team members to whom you can confidently delegate projects without having to babysit.

Learn How to Sell Bigger Projects

Gain the skills to overcome underestimating and clearly communicate job size and cost for clients. Learn expert processes and tips on landing multi-room projects, paired with access to world-class sales training.

Learn the Right Tech Tools to Make Work Easier

Rework your processes & pricing to establish the back end of your business so you're ready to fly when you hire a team. Go from unorganized with an embarrassingly messy business to operating with well-oiled systems for both back office & onsite jobs.

Exceed Client Expectations & Get More Referrals

With more trusted referrals from existing clients, you can finally get off the treadmill and stop chasing that next client. Stop wondering where your next client will come from and come to trust that your marketing department of VIP clients can't stop talking about you and sending people your way.

Being in the Team Building Blueprint program supports you in increasing your confidence so you can increase your income. Imagine consistently profitable months, dream teammates finding YOU and asking to work for you, and only doing the projects you want to be doing. Imagine being the leader of the team and the face of your company and having others doing the heavy lifting.

This is all possible!

Weekly Group Calls

Learn, Collaborate + Support Other Team Building Organizers
  • Weekly 90-Minute Monday calls from 1-2:30pm ET
  • Rotating Laser Coaching, Masterminding, Workshops, and Accountability Calls to Stay on Track for the Year
  • LIVE Access to Virtual Recording Studio for Rockstar Courses + Q&A


Identify & overcome what holds you back
  • Monthly Laser Coaching Calls with actionable feedback so you always know what to do next
  • Access for support through interactive FB Group
  • Opportunity for 1:1 Coaching (A Members Only Perk)


Who you’re doing it with makes all the difference.
  • Relationships with organizers and a chance to meet in person at retreats
  • Connect with organizers who are crushing it in their area + niche
  • Facebook group to interact with other organizers

Courses + Templates

Receive recommended resources and supplies plus editable templates so you don’t have to recreate the wheel.
  • LIVE Access to recording of Rockstar Courses - Estimating, Shopping, Pricing, Dubsado, Marketing, Social Media, Systems, Hiring, Teams
  • Templates + Pre-Built Processes for All of the Above!
  • Lifetime Access to 9 Rockstar Courses with all Future Updates
  • Access to Member Call Replays in Searchie HUB while Active Member

Learn from someone who has been in your shoes and can show you the way


Increase your per client income and decrease cancellations.

10X your average sale, and eliminate frustrating cancellations that impact your bottom line. Get contracts and systems in place to protect your working boundaries.


Attract high quality clients and get more referrals.

Break up with Thumbtack, tire kickers, and attract high quality leads who know you are the one for them. Deliver more value and a top-tier client experience so you get more referrals without even asking.


Run an efficient business, instead of having it run you.

Finally get the answers, tools and systems to run your business efficiently with more ease and freedom. Learn the key systems to set up so you are not left wondering if you are missing something important.

What Motivation Do You Need?

Testimonials + ROI (Workshop Instagram Post (Portrait) 1

What Motivation Do You Need?


Being in the Team Building Blueprint program will bring you more support, ease, resources, and time to enjoy your life!

Who is the Team Building Blueprint program for (or not for)?

This program was designed with passionate professional home organizers in mind who have been in business 2-3 years and are ready to stop doing everything themselves.

  • You love what you do and see yourself doing it for the next 5 years or more
  • You have worked (or tried to work) with 1-4 subcontractors or employees, however successfully it went...
  • You are a figure-it-outer who risks trying new things to get the results you crave
  • You are willing to get back up and try again after you fail a system or a person
  • You are committed to living the life of your dreams and doing what it takes to make that life happen

This program may not be for you right now if...

  • You have only been in business for 6 months to a year
  • You really like being in control of everything and intend to keep it that way
  • You don't like fast growth that requires willingness to jump in and learn new things by trial and error
  • You are going through a major life transition right now, preventing you from being present for calls physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • You are not committed to the #1 goal for the next 12 months of focusing on building the foundation for your business and team to thrive
  • You aren't ready to invest in yourself and in recommended technology tools to automate parts of your business

What Have Team Building Blueprint Organizers Said About Their Experience Working with Holly?

What Have Team Building Blueprint Organizers Said About Their Experience Working with Holly?

What's Included...

Vault of Videos

Access a vault of searchable videos on-demand. 

Topics such as:

  • How do I know what to charge and what rates to pay for new teammates?
  • What is the best way to set up my pricing and packages when I have a team?
  • What should I include in my client working agreement?
  • How do I become the go-to expert in my field in my community?
  • What's the deal with insurance and protection needed when I employ others?


Connection with Organizers

Learn together and ask real-time questions & receive pertinent input to you right now.

You have access to Holly & other team-building organizers to:

  • Learn in-depth about topics such as sales, hiring + more
  • Talk through a sticky situation with people who get it
  • Get feedback on social media posts & email wording
  • Finally accomplish what you set out to do

Students who commit in advance to attend every call receive the best results by far. Replays are available in case you miss a call.

Rolodex of Resources

  • Read recommended books along with the group, discussing how to apply it to grow your team. 
  • As a member, you receive resources on niching & specializing, sales, operations and how to get seen by the people you want to hire you.
  • You will know who you can go to in order to purchase your employee contracts, tech tools, and more.

Experts in Your Back Pocket

You'll get access to experts on the following...

  • Consultations that convert and sales that don't feel slimy
  • Visibility and honing your messaging to attract your best clients
  • Operations for maximum efficiency
  • Tech tutorials for setting up workflow and forms

What is the Return on Investment?

The organizers who show up, do the work, implement the changes, and ask for support typically see results within 4-8 weeks of tripling or quadrupling their current income, hiring 1-2 teammates, and sustaining that new income for the next 6-12 months or more. Would you be willing to pay $5000 once if it meant additional $5000 per month in revenue from here on out? Here are a few case studies from the last 9 months (April 2022-Present)

Testimonials + ROI (Workshop Instagram Post (Portrait))
Testimonials + ROI (Workshop Instagram Post (Portrait)) (3)

What is the ROI?

The organizers who show up, do the work, implement the changes, and ask for support typically see results within 4-8 weeks of tripling or quadrupling their current income, hiring 1-2 teammates, and sustaining that new income for the next 6-12 months or more. Would you be willing to pay $5000 once if it meant additional $5000 per month in revenue from here on out? Here are a few case studies from the last 9 months (April 2022-Present)

Testimonials + ROI (10)
Testimonials + ROI (12)
Testimonials + ROI (11)

Join The Team Building Blueprint

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Ongoing Support
Designed with YOU in mind!

Team Building Blueprint

12-Month Commitment
  • COURSES - Lifetime Access to Vault of 9 Rockstar Courses: Estimating, Pricing, Shopping, Dubsado Step 1, Marketing, Social Media, Systems, Hiring and Teams
  • COACHING - Weekly 90 minute Zoom calls for laser coaching, masterminding, CEO Workshops, and Accountability + Goal Setting
  • COMMUNITY - Interactive Facebook group for organizers to gain support + feedback on your questions & ideas
  • RESOURCES - Recommended reading and supplies plus editable templates, contracts & scripts


You'll receive 3 valuable bonuses just for being a valued TBB Member!


Kolbe-A Strengths Assessment + Training

Learn Your Innate Working Style and How to Best Utilize This When Team Building

In the organizing industry, there is no "one right way" - it all depends on your style and strengths as to who you want to serve, how you want to serve them, and what team members you need to fill in the gaps along the way. With your enrollment, your Kolbe Assessment is covered as well as a 90-minute training with a Kolbe Expert. Your mind will be blown as you learn about yourself, why you do things the way you do, and how to best make this work for your team!


90-Day Access to Top-Rated Sales Membership

Best in Class Techniques for Getting Comfortable Selling without Feeling Icky

Do you ever find yourself putting your foot in your mouth and saying awkward things when it comes time to make the close on a new sale? Do you get insecure asking for payment or bringing a prospect to the next step so they can pay you?

My business radically changed when I discovered my sales coach, and now she is available at your fingertips!

Learn from my secret weapon, sales coach and gain a complimentary 3 months of value packed training on relationship-based sales - perfect fit for organizing industry. Your mind will be blown with the practical changes to your verbiage in order to serve people even better and make more money. Worth its weight in gold, you gain access for 90 days at no additional charge to you.

You get direct access to the sales training with opportunity to ask for feedback and review of your emails, texts, and social media posts with a true sales expert.


30-Day REBOOT Visibility & Sales Challenge

High Powered Energy to Hit the Ground Running with Expert Support

Ready to get that money flowing? Join us for 30 days to absorb all the teaching you can on sales, try new things, make a few messes, and potentially even earn the money IN ADVANCE for the cost of the program.

In the month of March, you will get access to a vault of teaching specifically on sales, as well as a day-by-day checklist of what to listen to, in order, so you absorb it and are not overwhelmed. You will be challenged to track your sales progress for 30 days and share regularly in a group with others. Time to get out of your comfort zone - pronto!

So What Are You Waiting For?

go time

Don't Miss Out!!

Apply for your call to register for the Team Building Blueprint program.