A Membership Experience

An interactive group membership for professional home organizers who love connecting with other organizers and want to have steady work so you don't have to have a boss again


A Membership Experience

An interactive group membership for professional home organizers who love connecting with other organizers and want to have steady work so you don't have to have a boss again

Are you ready to take your organizing from hobby to rockstar status?

Momentum (2)

Prepare your business to go from "just getting started" or "trying to get serious" to consistent 3K months or more so you don't have to think about getting a part-time job


Learn from someone who has been in your shoes and can show you the way


Get legit with your business set up legally

Ensure you have your business set up correctly without missing important steps on city, state and federal levels.


Network and make sales without feeling weird and icky

Learn how to connect with others in an authentic way about what you do - learn what to say and what not to say to referral partners and clients.


Set up systems from the start to help you succeed and scale later

Finally get the answers, tools and systems to run your business efficiently with more ease and confidence.

Get your PO business running smoothly, rather than winging it and hoping for the best

Whether you're just getting started, already had your first few clients, or completed your first year or two and know you need some more support, this membership will give you what you need to set you up for success so you won't be left worrying that you are missing a step.

"Holly is the organizer for the organizer who intuitively cuts through the clutter of my business to help me move forward."

Monique Horb, Organizing Your Chaos + Organize 365 Sunday Basket Club & Certification Team Lead


Hi, I'm Holly. My mission is to take the confusion and stress out of building & running your professional organizing business.

You can eliminate the guesswork, trial and error, and costly mistakes by working with someone who has been where you are. Gain the best possible, complete, truth-based information you need to know about building and managing a home organizing business, so you can confidently make well-informed decisions and move forward, not backward. It's comforting to hear from someone else about their experiences because you don't know what you don't know.

Having grown two 6-figure home organizing businesses from scratch, across the country from each other, you might say I've seen and tried it all. I have made every mistake in the book, sometimes once and sometimes 3 times before learning a better way.

The painful realities of business ownership are not lost on me, and I can never forget the humbling difficulties of:

  • learning to charge premium rates and get past self-sabotaging behaviors with money and sales
  • dealing with same-day cancellations when I really needed the money
  • having team members who seemed trustworthy turn around and flake out

I have grown from charging $15/hr as a beginner to averaging $4-$12K per client, without spending much money or time on marketing. It sounds impossible or like a pipe dream, but I will show you how. You can learn this system and adopt an easier way.

Once you understand the joys of selling $1500, $3K, and $6K packages, you'll understand why I'm so eager to come alongside you and teach you how all this works. Having traveled the country attending high level business training and masterminds, and having worked tirelessly at my own business since 2008, I've narrowed it down into monthly objectives to bring you the best of class in training to re-structure your business for success.

You will experience new knowledge and solutions to your problems that would have taken you years to learn by experimentation. In this program you will join other organizers around the world who are in the same boat as you. Through teaching and  collaboration, with resources and guided education, you will no longer feel alone or clueless about what to do next.




in a year or less

Avoid the headaches and time to figure it all out on your own. Learn how to get to your first 3K month and keep it steady.

With our help in Momentum, over the course of the year and based on your ability to take action, here's what you will accomplish...

Get Guidance & Direction

Being a small business owner can be very lonely. Whether you have done a challenge or group in the past with Holly and made good progress, continue with this group for the guidance and direction, the accountability and the community. You don't have to figure it out alone!

Find Clients
& Set Up Consults with Those Who Seem Interested

Create an easy-to-follow path for finding clients and then taking them to the next step with you by setting up a consultation. Learn what to ask in a consultation and when to give ideas or not, so you don't worry they take your ideas and run with them without hiring you.

Get Your Systems in Place

Develop the backend systems for accounting and client communication that will make it easy for you to know exactly what to do when someone says they are interested in working with you. Imagine they follow a seamless process and you spend less than an hour total getting someone set up to work with you.

Set Up the Right Pricing Structure For You

Gain the skills to price your services and clearly communicate job size and cost for clients. Learn expert processes and tips on landing multi-room projects, paired with access to world-class sales training.

Learn What Tech Tools to Invest in First

Go from overwhelmed about technology to knowing the top 3 things to pay for in order to grow your business, as well as some free options to make it work until you are ready to pay for suggested tools.

Exceed Client Expectations & Get More Referrals

With more trusted referrals from existing clients, you can finally get off the treadmill and stop chasing that next client. Stop wondering where your next client will come from and come to trust that your marketing department of VIP clients can't stop talking about you and sending people your way.

Being in the Momentum membership supports you in increasing your confidence so you increase your income. Imagine consistent profitable months, dream clients finding you, and you being able to know that you have a real business without worrying you need to supplement it with random part-time gigs.



What You Get

when you join Momentum

Get the resources, tools, coaching and support you need so you set the right foundation in place to position your business to thrive beyond what you thought was possible!

Accomplish Objective Per Month

As a group we will tackle one major milestone project each month, such as...
  • Get super clear on what your sales process is
  • Create your lead magnets from start to finish
  • Identify your niche and exactly who you are trying to reach

Learn What to Do

Get one major teaching video each month giving you exact understanding and steps of what to do
  • Learn and master one topic at a time with an audio visual demonstration on video
  • Get a printable worksheet or template to go with each month's training that you can implement
  • Get access to past teaching videos and coaching calls in the Facebook group

Collaborate with Others

Who you’re doing it with makes all the difference.
  • Relationships with organizers who are building their businesses around the U.S. and world
  • Exclusive invitations to retreats and trips
  • Facebook group to interact with other organizers - Go LIVE in the group at least once per month to remain an active member

Get an Accountability Buddy

Get paired up with a buddy for 90 days if you choose!
  • Tag your buddy when you post and go LIVE
  • Feel supported by someone in a similar stage of business as you
  • Give yourself no room to hide by showing up and being seen

Being an organizer can feel lonely. Joining the Momentum Membership will bring you a sense of belonging with others just like you.

Who is the Momentum Membership for?

This program was designed with passionate professional home organizers in mind who have been in business for a couple months to a couple years who want to get more traction and... MOMENTUM! 🙂

  • You love what you do and see yourself doing it more profitably. You want to take home at least $3,000 a month regularly
  • You are a figure-it-outer who risks trying new things to get the results you crave
  • You are willing to get back up and try again after you fail
  • You are committed to living the life of your dreams and doing what it takes to make that life happen
  • You may already be beyond steady 3K months and still want to join in order to connect with other organizers or polish up the dusty parts of your business along the way. You're certainly welcome here.

What Have Organizers Said About Their Experience Working with Holly?

Join The

Momentum Membership

Will you make the investment in yourself?

Quarterly Membership Designed with You in Mind

Quarterly Membership

  • OBJECTIVE - One main thing each month to take action on or improve upon in your business
  • LEARNING - One major video lesson each month with exactly what to do
  • COLLABORATION - One collaborative Zoom call per month for further training, Q&A or co-working
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Interactive Facebook group for organizers to gain support + feedback on your questions & ideas
  • RESOURCES - Recommended reading plus editable templates to make your own

All prices listed are in USD.


In order to be a member of the group, you agree to going LIVE at least once per month! We want to see your face, hear your story and get to know you. Please do not sign up if you cannot agree to going LIVE at least once per month.


You'll receive the option to invest an additional $497 for the Confidence Booster Pack with these 3 TOP-UPs to take you to the next level...





Motivation Texts & One Lifeline Call

Weekly Motivation texts to believe in yourself and charge the rates you really want to be getting for your time! Being on this list allows you to get little pump-up nuggets throughout your month. You also get a 15-minute lifeline call with Holly for when you get in a sales pinch, feel nervous about a conversation and start freaking out a little!


90-Day Access to Top-Rated Sales Membership

Best in Class Techniques for Getting Comfortable Selling without Feeling Icky

Do you ever find yourself putting your foot in your mouth and saying awkward things when it comes time to make the close on a new sale? Do you get insecure asking for payment or bringing a prospect to the next step so they can pay you?

My business radically changed when I discovered my sales coach, and I learned all the things I was doing wrong. More importantly, I learned how I could change to be better and actually get (high dollar) results.

Learn from my secret weapon, sales coach and gain 3 months of value packed training on relationship-based sales - perfect fit for organizing industry. Your mind will be blown with the practical changes you can make to your messaging and verbiage in order to serve people even better and make more money. Worth its weight in gold, you gain access for 90 days with the option to renew at a special Rockstar rate. (Note: this piece requires a separate transaction.)


2 Powerful Books

Feel Confident about How to Recognize Buying Signals and How to Lead Someone to the Next Step of the Sales Process with Ease

Ready to get that money flowing? You'll get 2 books mailed to you within 30 days about how to recognize and respond when people show interest in your services, and how to gracefully guide them to the next step to get them to say an easy yes.

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